What you should know about micropigmentation, microblading



Beauty trends microblading and micropigmentation are sparking eyebrow envy here in Atlanta.

And it's not just for eyebrows.

Micropigmentation gave Anthony Johnson his hairline back after hair loss caused by alopecia

“I would let the hair grow out, get the eyeliner and actually use it to conceal my hair loss,” Johnson said. “Talk about confidence going from here up to here. It changed my life.”

But CBS46 learned it’s an industry with little regulation.

A Google search shows just how quickly you can get trained with some ads offering certification in the skill in just two days.

Asi Wilson, a licensed cosmetologist for 10 years, teaches a two day course and said she's cautious of students who only seem interested in cashing in on the craze.

“I do not let any of my students practice on live models,” said Wilson. “There's a lot of courses out there that they market their courses to say, 'Hey we have live models for you to practice on.'"

Wilson’s students are certified 30 days after completing the course, only if they show proof a minimum of 27 hours of practice.

And there are consequences for those who don't.

“I will personally comment under social media posts if you do say that you're accepting clients, I will personally say, no you're not,” Wilson said.

If you're searching for the perfect brow, seasoned permanent makeup artists said it’s important to research potential technicians and their businesses.

Cheryl Rosenblum, of Permanent Makeup Atlanta and a 17-year veteran, said it's important to see the artist's studio and work in person.

“Look at their clients, like come in one day and say, ‘Hey, is there anyone I can see,” she said.

“There's many inks out there. They have chemical reactions just in general to the sun, exfoliation so you want to make sure hey, has the person at least seen more than five people,” Rosenblum said.

Permanent makeup artist Milla Rosen, of Defforge Hair Salon & Spa, said don't be afraid to ask about training and education.

“The more credential displayed on the wall, it means the more education the artist went through and the level of expertise is much higher,” she said.

And be careful of forged work or photos of too many tattooed brows that look the same.

“This kind of procedure, you wash your face the next day, it's still there, so it has to be done right,” she said.


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