Jilleen Hoffman

Jilleen HoffmanIn 1988 while working with plastic surgeons in New York, Jill began her life-long passion for performing reconstructive camouflage on accident and surgery patients and developed advanced skills to perfect the matching of natural skin color. “Giving back a sense of normalcy is what it’s all about. Looking into a mirror and having a constant reminder of an accident, illness or surgery can cause a very deep depression for people; I want give them a positive self image and help them forget about the trauma that has occurred.”

Tattooing or micro pigmentation became a wonderful option for patients who did not want to apply camouflage makeup every day. So in 1993, Jill began her journey into the specialized art of reconstructive tattooing. Starting with the basic techniques, she soon realized there was much more than using a single color for the process. “The skin is a combination of colors, shades and highlights, and in order to perform a really great procedure, the artist must utilize all color combinations. It’s so important to determine the perfect color match for a patient’s skin; otherwise, the results are very unnatural.”

Jill is a licensed clinical aesthetician in NY, NJ, NC, and GA. She has continuously practiced medical micro pigmentation, skin care, and skin rejuvenation with medical practices around the north and south including Emory Facial Center and NYU Medical Center. She travels to New York to perform breast micro pigmentation with a world renowned plastic/reconstructive surgeon at NYC Breast Reconstruction Center. Her expertise has gained recognition from the medical community, and she is often asked to train aestheticians, nurses and doctors on advanced micro pigmentation techniques and skin care procedures.

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