This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about the Permanent Makeup procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are permanent cosmetics?

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Permanent cosmetic makeup is a sophisticated micro-procedure known as cosmetic tattooing. Specially formulated colored pigments are deposited into the dermal layer of the skin.

How permanent is it?

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Aftercare and skin type determine the lasting visual results. Fading may occur and a refresher color may be desired after several years. The procedure takes about ninety minutes.

How safe is permanent cosmetics?

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Strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines are followed. A prescription of Zoviraz or Valtrex is essential for those with a history of cold sores who are considering permanent lip color. Patch tests are recommended for skin at risk for keloids...

Does it hurt?

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In most cases discomfort is at a minimum. With the use of extremely effective topical anesthetics, we can provide near total numbing of the area.

What can I expect following a procedure?

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There may be some minor bruising or swelling for up to three days. We recommend that important dates or interviews be taken into consideration when scheduling your appointment for permanent makeup. Nothing is to be put on the procedure area during...

How many touch ups are required for desired results?

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Most people need one to two touch-ups for desired results. Thereafter, it's recommended to refresh once a year to maintain freshness.

Is there any release or medical form to fill out?

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A medical form that includes a release clause will be faxed or e mailed to you. This must be signed before your actual procedure.

Can you get laser work done after permanent cosmetics?

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You need to inform your doctor so that he or she covers the tattooed area. Lasers can burn the pigment and change the color to black. Be especially careful if laser is done around the lips....

Will the lip color bleed into the skin over years or will the color change and become unattractive?

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The only way the lips will bleed out is if your technician is not experienced and holds the needle in the wrong direction. The color will fade into your natural lips color unless you use colors that are too blue or brown for your skin....

Can you get any infections in the lips or other areas that are tattooed?

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Yes, if you do not take care of the area after the tattoo. You should follow aftercare instructions and keep area clean. Your technician should use new needles on each client, and should use autoclaved or disposable equipment....
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