YES THEY'RE FAKE: Tips For Choosing A Good Micropigmentation (Permanent Make-up) Artist/Technician

Brought to you by a friend of mine, Cheryl Steinberg with Permanent Make-up of Atlanta, who happens to be the first licensed Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Artist:

Permanent Makeup can be a beautiful enhancement if done properly. The question we all ask is "How do we find a good technician?" It is not easy but here are a few tips:

1. Make sure they are properly licensed. If not, in case of an accident the insurance will not cover you. Also, the fact that they are properly licensed shows that they have respect for the profession.

2. Ask if they are board certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation. That is the highest honor they can get, and it takes a minimum of a year of hands on experience to even be eligible. In the future, all states may require all permanent makeup technicians to be board certified. The fact that they are board certified also shows a seriousness for their profession, and that they are not fly by night. Getting board certified is not cheap and is time consuming.

3. Are they a licensed Tattoo Artist? This shows that they have a tattoo background and understand the fundamentals of tattooing.

4. Are they insured? Ninety-nine out of a hundred times you will be fine, but check it out. At least make sure you are insured in case of an allergic reaction.

5. Do they have a contact that is a Doctor who handles emergencies allergic reactions, pigment removal...

6. Check out their portfolio. Look at the pictures and look at actual people they have done. Does the makeup look like something you would like on yourself.

7. How is your technicians makeup? If her makeup isn't flawless why would yours be?

8. Check out their facility. Is it in their living room or kitchen table or is it located at a clean and sanitary environment.

9. What type of machine do they use? Rotary machines are limited in needle selection and unless they are extremely experienced the work can be less then desirable.

10. What is their education? Do they have adequate education or have they attended a home course or 2 day course?

11. Do they use a standard Tattoo Machine? Those are usually the best. Who taught them. How long have they used the machine? Do they use different shading needles for the lips? Do they have a disposable needles and tubes?

12. What is their pain management? They should use a topical before and during, The most popular is DOC C before and TAG during.

13. Have they had experience as a makeup artist. Many technicians have no makeup background and you will see lots of MIS lined lips, badly shaped brows. Look again at their pictures for color, but pictures can be altered so look at actual people of possible. 14. Ask if they do corrective procedures. Some don't because of liability, but most good technicians do. Look at their correction.

Hopefully this will help. Feel free to look at my web site, it has lots of information. Also, I am available by email to talk. I am here to help. My Web Site is my email is

Check out the AAM directory for a list of technicians in your state. Thanks and good hunting! ~ Cheryl


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