Permanent Makeup Could Come At High Price

Posted: May 25, 2011 12:43 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 04, 2011 9:52 PM EDT
Submitted by Kara Pesavento - email

How would you like to roll out of bed every morning and never again have to put on eyeliner or lipstick?

Many women are getting cosmetic tattoos for that very reason. It's makeup that won't wipe off.  According to Cheryl Rosenblum, tattoo artist at Permanent Makeup of Atlanta, permanent makeup can save you time in front of the mirror every morning. "It's just convenient," she said. But some women wind up paying a high price for not doing their homework.

One of Rosenblum's clients, Lynn Ray, can sympathize. She's had bad experiences with less qualified tattoo artists.  "My first experience was with a lady who used no numbing," Ray said. "She was on the phone with that gun in my eye, talking on the phone the whole time." And she said, "The ink they used turned yellow-gray."

Rosenblum said horror stories like Ray's are all too common. "Lopsided eyebrows, gray eyebrows, pink eyebrows, green eyebrows," she said. Rosenblum said that's because some tattoo artists have had little training. You can even take a free online course and order ink for next to nothing on eBay. "That is scary," she admitted.

Across town, Janet Newman is spending a few extra minutes in the mirror trying to cover up a crooked brow line.  "I'm really a bit insecure about it, because it's obvious if you don't have makeup on," she said. Cosmetic tattoos can take years to fade, so Newman is shelling out hundreds of dollars for laser tattoo removal.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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